Are you searching for a business idea as a side income? Then staring a fresh juice business will be an apt selection for you. I can suggest you, as this business has no so-called headache, tension, or so-called investment also. If you want to start your business with fresh juice, you only need some basic things.

Requirements for starting a fresh juice business:

Some specific attractive recipe of fruit juice such as Orange juice, mixed fruit juice, pineapple juice etc.

  • Some machinery such as juice extractor
  • State, or provincial permission for a roadside place
  • Permission of health department


At present, fresh juice business is an expanding field. In fast life,
most of the peoples have been suffering from Diabetes, Cholesterol, and other diseases. But, amazingly for all problems, the panacea is only fresh fruit juice. As this fresh juice is free of added color, preservatives and additives, so it will naturally help peoples to improvise their health conditions.

Ideas for start-up fresh juice business

You can toggle up your fresh fruit business by implementing some innovative ideas. Such as, you can make this innovation in your recipe list as organic juice, energy juice, and digestive juice, to introduce your products unique to some instants from other sellers.

You should take a commercial juicer and gather other accessories like a cup, straw, and others in a wholesale range to make a save in your initial investment period. In this time, you can make a search for internet-based sources to find out some of bit juice recipes of the world to make your consumers geared up.

To make it “Love at first sight”, be unique


start_your_own_juice_barWhen you start a fresh juice business, you have to make some difference in your products.On the market, orange juice is a very common name, whereas watermelon juice is not so. You have to focus on market uncommon products. It will help you to attract more buyers without any competition.


Permission certificate from the health department is essential. You can show this license or certificate in your shop. This certificate assures consumers about your hazard free fresh products.


Another crucial point in this aspect will be supply chain management. Primarily, you can contact some local vendors. They can promote your juice to the local market.

Venue selection

The final thing for your fresh juice business will be the selection of places. You can select a venue for your start-up fresh juice business in a crowded place like in front of a shopping mall, park, and in other popular places to attract more people initially.

To “Make it large”.

The last thing for your start-up business will be ideas about its optimization for making profitability, popularity. To make your earning maximized, the only way will be a utilization of social media, and E-commerce through the following ways:

  • You can make some promotion in social networking media like facebook, twitter with some offers, discounts.
  • You can provide the online delivery system where needed (you can take extra charge or as a free one)
  • Along with these ideas, you should make a website where people can come to know about you.These are the basic things to guide you for your start-up fresh fruit business where good behavior and these ideas can make your business to a best seller brand.