There’s nothing more soothing than having a well-made high-quality drink. Just taking the first sip of a tasty yet nutritious drink can affect anyone’s mood immediately. Unfortunately, there are times when we buy or make our own drink but the taste and texture of the end product is a big disappointment.

If you have ever found yourself in a similar situation, there’s no need to worry no more. In this buyer guide, there’s a compilation of things to put into consideration when shopping for a commercial juicer. For example size, price, features, cleanup and weight. After reading this guide you will be able to make the best decision when shopping for the perfect juicer.

Kuvings C7000S Slow Juicer

This is among the top rated juicers currently in the market. It has amazing features that make it stand out from the rest plus it’s easily accessible. Not only that but also the outward look is pleasing to the eye. Let’s look at these features more closely.

Quiet Operation

There’s nothing better than being able to make a drink that retains its nutritional value with simplicity and efficiency. This juicer has a low-speed gear motor that helps dampen down any vibrations and noise produced. If there are people around and you don’t want to disturb them, this juicer fits the bill for noiseless functionality. There are some juicers that are pretty loud but this gets the crown for the best low noise commercial juicer.

High-Quality Output

Another notable feature is the cold-press system. This juicer is made almost to precise perfection where the availability of a three-inch feed chute with a durable motor enables you to blend fruits with ease. In addition to this, it uses a low-speed mechanism that allows you to have a high-quality end product full of beneficial vitamins and nutrients. The taste is taken to another level leaving you wanting more.

Perfect Extraction

Another thing is the pulp remains. There are juicers that don’t extract the maximum juices from fruits and vegetables leading to waste. This juicer has proven efficient and uses masticating technology that squeezes gently all the products and leaving an almost dry pulp. Also, this helps to make cleanup easier because of the little amount of debris left behind.

Extra Parts

Moreover, it comes with extra parts that help you have an enjoyable juicing experience. For example, a stopper cap and silicone gaskets aiding in the regulation of speed and also they are easy to clean. There are juices which have non-removable seals that make it difficult to clean. This can frustrate you if you want to do a thorough cleaning without missing a spot.

c70003in1The good thing about this juicer is the parts can be disassembled with ease. In addition to this, there’s a cleaning tool that comes with the juicer. If you want to use an automatic cleaning process, this juicer has an inbuilt automatic cleaning system to give you convenience and hands-free cleaning experience giving you an opportunity to do other things in the kitchen while waiting for the cleanup process to finish.


Furthermore, there’s a strong motor that rotates easily and works seamlessly with the other juicer parts. You can insert large pieces of vegetables and fruits without the need of pre-chopping into small portions. This saves a lot of time during preparation if used in a restaurant where there’s high demand for fresh high-quality juice. Not to forget, the inclusive of a blank strainer that helps when making frozen drinks with pulp-free properties.

Lastly, there are two downsides that you might experience while using this juicer. The first one is the weight. It’s a bit heavy to be moved around comfortably but this weight makes it more sturdy because there are no wobbles. Another thing is the manual. It’s too minimal and the instructions are not easy to follow. It might take a few uses to enable you to understand the different parts and how to operate the juicer easily.


A juicer that saves a lot of time and produces high-quality end results. Not only that but also, it preserves the nutrients that are necessary for your general health and does not take too much time during cleanup. I’ll recommend this juicer for any restaurant. Lastly, it’s among the best commercial juicers on the market that is worth the price.